Hormone Therapy: BioTE® Pellet Therapy, Nature-Throid, Testosterone Injections & More in Greenwood Village, CO

DTC Medical Weight Loss in Greenwood Village is proud to offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from BioTE® Medical. Hormone replacement therapy is ideal for people who have too much or too little of a hormone and it is affecting their life in a significant way. Signs you could benefit from hormone therapy include reduced libido, low energy, feelings of depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, or difficulty losing weight despite diet and exercise. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms and are unsure as to why, BioTE might be the answer you’ve been searching for. Contact our team in Greenwood Village today to find out more about BioTE and how it can help relieve your symptoms and return you to your journey to wellness.

Hormone Therapy Services

BioTE® Therapy


Testosterone Injections

How Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Works

First, a blood test is taken at our office in Greenwood Village to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Then, small pellets are custom-created to your specific hormone needs, and these pellets are then inserted in the fatty tissue beneath your skin. This allows for a consistent dosage of hormones, avoiding the rollercoaster effect many patients experience with creams or pills. The pellets last three to six months, depending on your activity level, stress level, and gender. If you think you might benefit from hormone therapy, just contact the hormone providers at DTC Medical Weight Loss in Greenwood Village.

Greenwood Village’s Hormone Replacement Therapy Experts

DTC Medical Weight Loss in Greenwood Village has helped many people throughout the Denver Tech Center area optimize their hormones and improve their health. If you feel like you could be next, just get in touch with our staff. We’ll ask you a few questions and make an appointment to get you into our Greenwood Village office for a blood test. That will help us determine whether you are an ideal candidate for hormone replacement therapy and give us an idea of which of your hormones are causing you to be unwell. The hormone providers at DTC Medical Weight Loss in Greenwood Village would be more than happy to help you return you to full health.

Proven, Effective Hormone Therapy in Greenwood Village

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from BioTE Medical has been shown to solve hormone imbalance and return patients to full health. We can help address a wide variety of symptoms that are caused by hormonal imbalance, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team in Greenwood Village if you think you might benefit.

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